Alligator/Crocodile Deterrent Fenced Swimming Enclosure

The Alligator/Crocodile 4ft top fence net, although not necessarily ‘gator-proof, will act like a burglar alarm, giving the people in the Boomswim enclosure time to get out of harm’s way.

Most crocodile/alligator attacks are surprise attacks and with this top Boomswim alligator fence it will certainly give warning to swimmers as to any pending attacks. The fence is made from PVC tube and heavy gauge fishing netting making it difficult for the crocodile to bite the enclosure tubes which also have three separate air chambers.

Alligator fence

Alligator fence for swimmers


The floating, fully-netted Boomswim barrier at 25cm (10 inches) in height above the water for some models, is high enough in buoyancy to allow for full human weight load without taking the shape out of the Boomswim inflated barrier as other inflatable swimming enclosures tend to do. Again this is a serious benefit for general safety when swimming or playing in the Boomswim fully-netted swimming enclosure.

The Boomswim is also a great solution for children swimming, as the size of the inflated Boomswim with its full safety roped tube all the way round the enclosure, protects and collects children in one very controllable safe net swimming location.

The Boomswim enclosure, whether off the back of a boat or Superyacht transom in open water, or simply set off the backyard waterfront property, creates peace of mind, just knowing your children or friends are in one captured full netted enclosure.

Often the Boomswim swimming enclosure eliminates many of the hazards associated with swimming in deep water or strong currents combined with debris and jellyfish infiltration.

Lifeguard duty can also be made a lot simpler when trying to control swimmers safety at lifeguard patrolled beaches, rivers and inner harbour locations worldwide.

Lifeguards also will be assisted in protecting children and adults from possible boat strikes due to the clear bright large inflated Boomswim enclosure easily identifying its location at a glance.