Boomswim 28 inch rigid floats for hanging rubbish/jellyfish/shark netting below.

Boomswim’s rigid 70cm x 16cm foam floats are ideal for marine barriers to control boating activities/water sport events or controlling rubbish/jellyfish from entering beaches/bays/inlets.

Boomswim rigid foam floats for jellyfish/shark netting protection

Boomswim rigid foam floats for jellyfish/rubbish/shark protection

Boomswim’s latest 28 inch rigid foam boom.

Boomswim Rigid 28 inch foam floats.

Boomswim Rigid 28 inch foam floats.

boomswim-rigid-x-webBoomswim’s latest Rigid PVC foam floats sized at 70cm x 16cm or approx. 28 inches by 6.4 inches and supports in the water approx 10kg of positive buoyancy per float.
These Boomswim rigid floats linked up with PE 18mm rope offers one the ability to link up to protect large areas of coastline/bays/beaches from sea predators/jellyfish/stingers/rubbish. The attached netting styles offered are heavy duty 60 braid HDPE Shark/Crocodile netting and the knotless fine mesh Box jellyfish netting for full protection from Man of War size jellyfish down to the super dangerous smaller Irukanji Box jellyfish stingers.

Portable Netted Lap Pool

Boomswim portable lap pool inflated

The Boomswim portable netted 25 metre Lap Pool is ideal for swim training at the beach, lake, river, and boat or at your home waterfront shoreline, dock or jetty. It is easily handled by two people to carry, transport and assemble on site.

The inflatable perimeter and attached underwater netting provides your very own enclosed personal portable training lap pool that can travel with you anywhere. Now you can swim laps without waterborne garbage and debris, and not have to worry about Medusa or box jellyfish, sharks or crocodiles.

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Boomswim lap pool packed

Safe Swim Area For All

Protected swim zone canal-side
The Boomswim pool is a an inflatable boom with an attached hanging net that creates an enclosed safe swimming zone in the water.

The net protects you and your family from fish and jellyfish that could come by in open water. You can select the type of net appropriate to your area – box jellyfish protection net, or heavy-duty anti-shark net.

Now you can enjoy and relax in your own swimming area without worrying about unwanted and unseen creatures entering into your space.

Running a waterside resort? Think of the peace of mind that a Boomswim pool can provide. Your guests will be able to enjoy the safety of swimming in an area protected from stinging box jellyfish and biting sea lice. Your reputation will be enhanced by satisfied customers returning and reporting their experience to others. With the increasing risk of box jellyfish attacks on swimmers, raise your standards by offering your important resort guests the safety and protection that Boomswim anti-jellyfish net barriers provide.

Waterside Resort protected swim area

Boomswim is constructed of top quality materials and can be inflated in minutes. While deflated it is a compact package. After inflation the standard Boom Swim opens up to a 6m by 4m swim area. Larger sizes are made to order and 3 or 4-sided or circular designs are available. Once inflated, the attached netting forms a barrier on the sides and bottom to create your protected swimming pool enclosure.

Just place it in the water on the beach, in a canal, on a river bank, lake or pond, or attached to your boat or dock, and you’ve got the peace of mind of having a safe and secure swim zone without dangerous sea jellies, water snakes, stingrays, predators and seaweed.

The inflated boom tube provides a comfortable edge to your swim area for easy entry and safe exit. Attached to the tube are secure rope lines for quick grip and support. Draping below the tube is a durable net to keep out unwanted surrounding creatures and debris.

Boomswim turns an unknown body of water into a safe enclosure for enjoyable water recreation.

When not being used, the light weight Boomswim can be pulled up on shore, left inflated, or deflated and packed for transport or storage, as desired. The whole assembly is compact and portable ready for your next use. There is no maintenance, no circulating pump to run, no filter to clean, no testing or chemicals to add, and no draining and water top-up.

Now you can put your own swimming pool almost anywhere and create an area for safe water sports.

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Open water protected swimming boat-side

Box Jellyfish Protection Net

Jelly-proof knotless net

Boomswim presents a new knotless net for protection against box jellyfish.

The box jellyfish protection net is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) woven in a small mesh size without knots. This smooth knotless net is soft to touch and easy to handle with superior strength and performance over conventional netting.

The small mesh size protects Boomswim pool enclosures from dangerous stinging box jellyfish,which is extremely painful and can be fatal to swimmers in tropical waters. The specially designed close weave not only prevents penetration of small jellies but also other creatures and water-borne debris, while still being lightweight and low distortion.

The HDPE net does not absorb water, is UV resistant, has no weak spots due to knots, and no high spots to abrade, snag, or tear on harsh surfaces.

Box jellyfish protection net is available as an option on your custom-made Boomswim swimming enclosure. Be sure to specify box jellyfish protection net when you order your pool.

Anti-Shark Net

Anti-shark heavy duty net

Boomswim now offers a new heavy duty net to repel sharks from your enclosed Boomswim pool protected enclosure.

Boomswim anti-shark net is made of #60 braided high-density polyethylene (HDPE or PEHD). This 4mm braid can resist large sea creatures with its strong construction and tight mesh. This net makes sharks more likely to “bump and leave” instead of becoming entangled, as can happen with transparent, lightweight nylon.

The braided HDPE line offers #60 strength, more than 10 years saltwater immersion and ultraviolet resistance. It won’t rot or absorb water, and resists abrasion with normal usage.

The heavy duty #60 braid anti-shark net is available as an optional choice to the standard net. Your Boomswim protected swimming pool is custom made to your requirements, so you decide on dimensions and swimming pool protection.

Why not get the best protection available for your children, family, friends or water sport clientele? Be sure to ask for the anti-shark heavy duty net when you place your order.


Boomswim 8m x 16m Placed In USA River

Boomswim protected pool in USA  river

Boomswim protected pool in USA river

Malta Boomswim Ready For Water Polo Action

Boomswim Water Polo pool pitch in Malta

Boomswim Water Polo pool pitch in Malta

Alligator/Crocodile Deterrent Fenced Swimming Enclosure

The Alligator/Crocodile 4ft top fence net, although not necessarily ‘gator-proof, will act like a burglar alarm, giving the people in the Boomswim enclosure time to get out of harm’s way.

Most crocodile/alligator attacks are surprise attacks and with this top Boomswim alligator fence it will certainly give warning to swimmers as to any pending attacks. The fence is made from PVC tube and heavy gauge fishing netting making it difficult for the crocodile to bite the enclosure tubes which also have three separate air chambers.

Alligator fence

Alligator fence for swimmers

The Circle style Boomswim 15ft diameter model has, as its line of defence, a new fine mesh self weighted netting that cannot be penetrated by Box jellyfish or any other large or small jellyfish creatures.

This style and size of Boomswim netted enclosure can be flatpacked small enough into a carry bag for us at Boomswim to offer this product “Freight Free” to any International Airport world wide within approximately 3 days of completion.

This circle style of Boomswim netted enclosure is great for people gathering and swimming within its protected netted arena and is simply attached to the rear side or front of your boat, property or beach for that deep water protected swim without the worry of jellyfish or other creepy crawly creature exposure.

The inflated rings positive buoyancy calculation of approx 650kg or 1430 pounds can support many people leaning or lounging over and around without compromising the buoyancy effect.

The floating, fully-netted Boomswim barrier at 25cm (10 inches) in height above the water for some models, is high enough in buoyancy to allow for full human weight load without taking the shape out of the Boomswim inflated barrier as other inflatable swimming enclosures tend to do. Again this is a serious benefit for general safety when swimming or playing in the Boomswim fully-netted swimming enclosure.

The Boomswim is also a great solution for children swimming, as the size of the inflated Boomswim with its full safety roped tube all the way round the enclosure, protects and collects children in one very controllable safe net swimming location.

The Boomswim enclosure, whether off the back of a boat or Superyacht transom in open water, or simply set off the backyard waterfront property, creates peace of mind, just knowing your children or friends are in one captured full netted enclosure.

Often the Boomswim swimming enclosure eliminates many of the hazards associated with swimming in deep water or strong currents combined with debris and jellyfish infiltration.

Lifeguard duty can also be made a lot simpler when trying to control swimmers safety at lifeguard patrolled beaches, rivers and inner harbour locations worldwide.

Lifeguards also will be assisted in protecting children and adults from possible boat strikes due to the clear bright large inflated Boomswim enclosure easily identifying its location at a glance.

Aqua Weed, Floating Rubbish Free Swimming Enclosure

Another Boomswim benefit to consider due to the Boomswim inflated tube height offered within the enclosure, is the ability to hold out Aqua weed, ocean growth and floating rubbish/debris away from your boat swimming net.

Aqua weed and floating rubbish tend to move around lakes, ocean waterways and harbours depending on the wind direction. The sheer height of the inflated barrier tends to inhibit such infiltration of aqua weed and floating rubbish.

The aquarium strain weed is also a major aqua weed in the Mediterranean and an emerging problem to control.

The inflated wall height of the Boomswim enclosure at 25cm helps create a wall of weed protection within its walls making for more pleasurable swimming weed-free, floating debris and jellyfish-free.

Jellyfish Protection Inflatable Barrier

The Boomswim fully netted enclosure protects swimmers from all types of jellyfish including Box jellyfish and Stingers jellyfish.

The fully enclosed netting makes it virtually impossible for any of these jellyfish sea creatures to penetrate the line of defence (netting).

The flotation tube that is attached to the netting also give the swimmers additional protection from possible wave action over spillage of jellyfish and Box jellyfish due to the height of the inflated barrier which stands off the water at approximately 25cm or 10 inches.

This height of Boomswim inflatable enclosure, approximately 25cm or 10 inches, is often far greater than other models on the market and we think is a very important feature that should be taken into serious consideration when purchasing a protection swimming enclosure.

The netting that is supported by the inflatable Boomswim enclosure has only 15mm opening and is very strong.
To penetrate this net by large sea creatures would be near impossible and for jellyfish to slip through such a small net we feel again would be extremely difficult too.

Jetty Model With 4 Sides Of Jellyfish Protection

Boomswim’s new Jetty model is a portable floating swimming pool that can be attached to the end of your jetty and offers 4-sided protection, or when set from your own sandy beach, offers three-sided protection.

The Boomswim pool folds up into its own bag to pack down at night, or you can leave it up day-in and day-out.

The netted enclosure is safe and fun for all the family even in strong currents rushing by your jetty or beach.

Swim in your own captured environment all day long within Boomswim’s inflatable protected netted area swimming pool.

Custom sizes are available by special order for your own personal Boomswim portable swimming pool. Contact us for details.

Portable inflatable fully netted Boom Swim swimming pool

Floating Inflatable Swimming Pool Enclosure – Video

Boomswim presents a compact package of a floating boom with attached netting below that encloses a safe swimming area protected from stinging sea jellies and biting fish. It can be deployed on the shoreline of beaches, ponds, and rivers or at docks, jetties, boats and open waters.

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